About Us

For many, the purchase of a home is an investment of a lifetime. In order to preserve a home’s longevity, it is therefore important to keep up with a regular home maintenance schedule. The care of the roof is crucial to the structure of the home. A lack of proper upkeep makes a home vulnerable to detrimental elements such as UV sun damage, rain, hail and normal wear and tear. These factors can slowly erode the lifespan of the home and decrease its market value. At Mi Roofing, our goal is to safeguard this important investment and assure that the home provides protection and comfort years into the future.

Our business prides itself in providing quality materials and professional service. With over 30 years of real estate and construction experience, our team of experts is ready to meet your needs. We believe that customized service and skilled workmanship is the key to our success. The expert team is certified and remains abreast of the latest materials, technologies and regulatory guidelines at all times. Our success is also demonstrated by our countless testimonials, as our exceptional work can be seen throughout the community. Our pleased customers gladly refer our service to friends and family, and over 85 percent of our business comes from recommendations.

In the roofing industry, companies that fail to use quality products and materials sadly choose to leave a homeowner unprotected. We only use premier products in our work. Our ability to network with a variety of top manufacturers means we can purchase quality materials, and we’ll never come up short with a product perfectly suited to your needs and budget. As GAF Master Elite Roofers, we are part of a network of certified professionals that select the best roofing supplies available. Along with offering standard asphalt shingles, our team has the expertise to install metal and synthetic slate roofing systems from trusted brands like Timberline, American Harvest, and GAF TruSlate.

Not only available for reroofing projects, but we also offer our customers utility efficiency suggestions. Improper sloping can affect the overall function of a roof along with a lack of ventilation and attic air flow. With these considerations in mind, our services also include prompt response for emergency situations. Since we work year round, we are at your service during unfortunate disasters such as sudden roof leaks, ice storms or roof collapses.

Our Michigan based business is the best choice for a home’s remodeling or maintenance needs. Our countless years of experience and our desire to keep up the newest advancements in technology make us the right company to help you protect the most valuable investment in a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule a convenient appointment time.